Elkhart Bb Trumpet 100TR

Elkhart Bb Trumpet 100TR

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The Elkhart 100TR Bb 100 Series trumpet is a fantastic model for beginners and students who're looking to buy their first trumpet, as well as being a great backup trumpet for more experienced players. For such an affordable instrument, each part has been carefully crafted from the highest quality materials and designed by Vincent Bach, to ensure that the playability of the 100TR is as smooth as possible. The valves are made using stainless steel, which improves the lifespan of the instrument considerably. The rose brass lead pipe offers a fantastic playing experience. The adjustable 3rd slide ring enables low D's and C#'s to be played with accurate intonation.

The 100TR Bb 100 Series trumpet is an fantastic quality instrument that is suitable for players of any age or ability. Included with the trumpet is a mouthpiece and lightweight carry case with shoulder straps. For those who are learning to play, this fantastic instrument is a great place to start.


  • Fantastic trumpet for beginners and students
  • Rose brass lead pipe
  • Stainless steel valves 
  • Adjustable 3rd slide ring 
  • Vincent Bach replica mouthpiece
  • Valve oil/cleaning kit 
  • Backpack style case