Chopsaver Lip Balm

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Invented by a professional trumpet player, ChopSaver is the all-natural, herbal lip balm formulated specifically for brass or woodwind musicians to relieve symptoms caused by the wear and tear from mouthpiece pressure on their embouchures. ChopSaver relieves the painful symptoms of chapping, swelling, soreness, fatigue and inflammation of the lips caused by playing.


 19 all-natural ingredients including:

o Shea Butter

o Mango Butter

o Aloe Vera

o Vitamin E

o Avocado Oil

o Apricot Kernel Oil

o Castor Oil

o Grapeseed Oil

o Arnica – used for bruising o Calendula – treats inflammation

o Comfrey – general wound healing

o White Willow – often referred to as “herbal aspirin” (people with aspirin allergies should use with caution)

o Ginger – treats inflammation and stimulates blood flow

o Natural Waxes (including beeswax)

o Citrus Oils

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